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Basic course

Japanese basic lesson course(online)

  • This is the course for learner from Japanese zero level to beginner level. After you complete this course, you are expected to have Japanese basic grammar and communication skill. With these skills,you can learn Japanese efficiently with private Japanese teacher and language exchange partner.
  • So we recommend this course to learner from Japanese zero level to beginner level before applying for private Japanese teacher/language exchange partner introduction service.


  • StepⅠ : You need to take level check interview with our teacher.

  • StepⅡ : Based on the result,you are ranked from levelⅠ to levelⅩ.

  • StepⅢ : If you are ranked at level Ⅱ, you can take lessons only at level Ⅱ.

  • StepⅣ : After you complete all lessons at one level, you are requested to take achievement interview test with our teacher.

  • StepⅤ : If you pass the test, you can go to the next level. If you do not pass, you need to retake lessons required to pass the interview.


Level Ⅰ

  • Hiragana
  • Katakana
  • vocabulary①

Level Ⅱ

  • Number
  • 5W1H
  • vocabulary②

Level Ⅲ

  • verb group
  • verb form
  • vocabulary③

Level Ⅳ

  • adjective group
  • adjective form
  • vocabulary④

Level Ⅴ~Ⅸ

  • sentecne pattern⑤~⑨
  • vocabulary⑤~⑨

Level Ⅹ


  • One level is 10,000yen. With 10,000yen, you can take any lesson at the level. You do not need to pay additional fee until you pass the achievement interview test at the level. After you pass and if you like to try the next level lesson, you need to pay more 10,000yen.
    ※This is valid for 30 days from the entry.

Lesson schedule


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