Private Japanese lessons with private Japanese teacher/language exchange partner in Tokyo,Kanagawa,yokohama,Saitama,Chiba.

Japanese teacher list

Japanese teachers list

Entry NO 072

  • area
    Kanagawa yokohama
  • sex 
  • age
    30years old~34years old
  • nationality
  • job
    office worker
  • lesson fees
    1,000 yen~ per an hour
  • Japanese teacher qualifcation
    She has been taking 420 hours Japanese teacher training course.
    I am teaching Japanese once a week at language school.
  • lesson
    Daily conversational Japanese
    business Japanese
    Japanese composition correction
  • self-introduction
    English : TOEIC800
    I can use 『Minnano Nihongo』.
    I can commnicate in English and can help to find a job.


Entry NO 071

  • area
    Tokyo sumida-ku
  • sex 
  • age
    30years old~34years old
  • nationality
  • job
    office worker
  • lesson fees
    2,000 yen~ per an hour
  • Japanese teacher qualifcation
    She has completed 420 hours Japanese teacher training course.
    She passed the Japanese teacher proficiency test.
  • lesson
    Daily conversational Japanese
    business Japanese
  • self-introduction :
    She has many years experiences to teach Japanese.
    English : Native level


AreaAgeGenderQualificationexperienceLesson fee per an hourpictureProfile
Tokyo / Kanagawa30-34male1,500~-003
Tokyo musashino30-34female1,500~-004
Tokyo bunkyo-ku55-59male1,500~-006
Tokyo shinjyuku35-39female-1,000~-008
Kanagawa yokohama25-29female-1,500~009
Saitama fujimino30-34female2,000~012
Tokyo toshima-ku25-29female2,000~-013
Tokyo musashiurawa30-34female-3,000~-014
Tokyo shinjyuku18-24female-2,000~-015
Tokyo itabashiku45-49male1,000~-016
Tokyo nishitokyo35-39female-2,000~-017
Tokyo setagaya-ku35-39female1,500~-018
Kanagawa Kawasaki35-39female2,000~-019
Chiba urayasu50-54female2,500~-020
Tokyo sumida-ku30-34female--1,500~-021
Saitama asaka city55-59female-1,000~-022
Tokyo ota-ku25-29female-3,000~-023
Tokyo suginami-ku25-29male--1,000~-024
Kanagawa yokohama25-29female-3,000~-025
Tokyo shibuya30-34female2,000~-026
Saitama toda60~female3,000~-027
Kanagawa kawasaki60~female--3,000~-028
Kanagawa ebina25-29female--1,500~-029
Kanagawa zushi35-39male--1,000~-030
Tokyo sumida-ku35-39female--1,500~-031
Kanagawa yokohama50-54male-1,000~-032
Tokyo musashino30-34male1,500~-033
Chiba ichikawa18-24male--1,000~-034
Tokyo oume60~female2,500~-036
Tokyo fuchu18-24female-2,000~037
Kanagawa kawasaki55-59female-1,500~-038
Tokyo mitaka45-49female2,500~-040
Tokyo shinjyuku35-39female-2,000~-041
Saitama souka18-24female-2,000~042
Tokyo shinjyuku35-39male--1,000~-043
Tokyo suginami-ku25-29female-2,000~-044
Tokyo higashikoganei18-24female--1,000~-045
Tokyo minato-ku60-male3,000~-046
Saitama saitama city60-female1,500~-048
Tokyo ota-ku25-29male--1,000~050
Saitama sayama city30-34female--1,500~-051
Tokyo bunkyo-ku60-female3,000~-053
Kanagawa kawasaki55-59male-2,000~-054
Saitama saitama city30-34female1,000~-055
Kanagawa yokohama18-24female--1,000~-056
Tokyo suginami-ku25-29female-1,000~057
Tokyo chiyoda-ku18-24male--3,000~058
Tokyo shinagawa-ku30-34male-2,000~059
Kanagawa minami-ku25-29female--3,000~060
Saitama saitama city30-34female2,000~061
Tokyo shinjyuku60-female2,000~-062
Tokyo tama25-29female1,500~-063
Kanagawa zushi50-54female-2,000~-064
Kanagawa yokohama30-34female3,000~065
Tokyo setagaya-ku18-24female-2,000~-067
Tokyo ueno45-49female1,000~068
Tokyo koto-ku60-female1,500~-069
Tokyo bunkyo-ku30-34female-1,500~-070
Tokyo sumida-ku30-34female2,000~071
Kanagawa yokohama30-34female1,000~072

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