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Japanese video lesson

Japanese free video lesson

  • If you like to learn Japanese from basic level, we recommend our video lessons which summarize the lessons points. These are prepared by professional Japanese teachers. Understanding these lessons are absolutely necessary in learning Japanese conversation.

  • Please apply for this service through the application form below. After we receive your application, we will forward ID and password to check each video lessons to you.

Nocurriculumtargetvideo lesson
1Hiragana/katakanaTo read and pronounce hiragana/katakana properly.〇×29video
2verbTo understand there are 3 kinds of Japanese verbs and how to classify them. To learn Japanese verb's form to make sentences(te/ta/masu/nai/futu form)〇×18video
3adjectiveTo understand there are 2 kinds of Japanese adjective(i/na adjective) and how to classify them. To learn Japanese adjective's form to make sentences.〇×6video
4Japanese InterrogativeTo learn how to express what/when/where/who/whose/why/how in Japanese.〇×6video
5ko-so-a-do demonstrativesTo learn how to express this/that/it/these/those/here/there in Japanese.〇×2video
6NumberTo learn how to express Number/day/month/week in Japanese〇×3video
7Sentence patternTo learn how to express 『want to/can/shall we/let's/could you/would you/may I/advice/I think/be going to,etc』in Japanese.〇×11video
8vocabularyTo learn Japanese vocabulary(verb/adjective/noun/adverb) through Quizlet and video lesson〇×8video & 8quizlet
9honorific/friends conversation/abbreviationTo learn Japanese honorific and abbreviation and the difference between honorific conversation and friends conversation.〇×1video
10conversation practice/useful expressionTo learn Japanese useful expressions.〇×16video & 15quizlet

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