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Japanese Lesson curriculum(focus on speaking)

  • We can arrange lesson curriculums as per your requests. If you do not have any requests about the curriculum, we recommend curriculums below.

  • We can introduce these curriculums to our Japanese members(Japanese teachers,language exchange partners), so you can learn Japaneses with your Japanese teacher,language exchange partner through these curriculums.

Levelcurriculumtargetsample video
1make sentence(words)word + word、pattern practice

1make sentence(picture)word + word、pattern practice

2situation conversationjob interview、hospital、immigration center、emergency、ask the way、real estate、barbar、ward office

3topic conversationbusiness、education、travel、food、marriage、money、sports、crime、man and woman、movie、manga、love

Japanese sentence pattern lists

  • Verb/adjective form:In order to be able to use sentence patterns, you need to learn verb/adjective form. This is very important. You can check free video lessons which explain about verb/adjective form.
  • pattern practice:In order to be able to communicate in Japanese,you need to learn sentence patterns. Japanese language has a lot of sentence patterns. Please check the lists below.

  • ます形(verb masu form)
    ~ましょうか(shall we)
    ~ませんか(would you like to do)
    ~たいです(want to do)
    ~にいきます(go to)
    ~すぎます(too much)
    ~にくいです(difficult to do)
    ~やすいです(easy to do)

  • て形(verb te form)
    ~ください(please do)
    ~はいけません(must not)
    ~みます(try to do)
    ~もらえませんか(could you/would you)

  • ない形(verb nai form)
    ~ないでください(please don't do)
    ~なくてもいいです(don't have to)
    ~なければなりません(have to)

  • た形(verb ta form)
    ~ほうがいいです(had better)

  • じしょ形(verb jisyo form)
    ~予定(be going to/plan)
    ~な(禁止形)(Don't )
    ~ために(in order to)

  • ふつう形(verb plain form)
    ~とおもいます(I think that)
    ~かどうか(whether or not)
    ~そうです(I hear)
    ~ようです(look like)

  • Japanese conversation(Daily life/Topic/Role play/Situation/Business conversation)
  • We have original textbook PDF for conversation practice. If you like, please click the letters(ダウンロード) below. It is written only in Japanese, so It might be difficult for beginner level. Let's ask your partner!

  • Pronunciation
  • All our Japanese members are native Japanese speakers. So you can learn correct Japanese pronunciation from our Japanese members.

  • Textbooks
  • If you like to learn with textbooks, we can recommend some textbooks for conversation,Kanji,grammar. Please feel free to contact us.

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