Private Japanese lessons with private Japanese teacher/language exchange partner in Tokyo,Kanagawa,yokohama,Saitama,Chiba.

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What is the Learning Catchball ?

  • We arrange a private Japanese teacher on skype who can teach you Japanese conversaion / JLPT / EJU / Business Japanese / Kanji / hiragana / katakana / Japanese culture.
  • We introduce you a Japanese teacher for free,but you are requested to pay lesson fees. It costs 15,000yen per 5 lessons and 25,000yen per 10 lessons.
  • One lesson is for 60 minutes.

Step Ⅰ Entry

  • Please join us through the entry form at the bottom of this page.

  • Aftere we receive your entry, we ask you about your requests(lesson time,etc) by E-mail to arrange a Japanese teacher for you.

Step Ⅱ Introduction

  • We send you Japanese teacher's profile information by e-mail. If you have a question/request for the teacher, please tell us. We ask the teacher for you. After you and the teacher get to agree with the lesson condition, we will forward the teacher's contact information to you.

Step Ⅲ Trial lesson

  • Please take a trial lesson and decide to take the teacher's lesson or not. If you decide to take the lesson, please talk with the teacher about the next lesson schedule.
  • If you decide not to take the teacher's lesson, please tell us the reason, then in reference to the reason,we try to find another teacher for free.

Step Ⅳ Start to take lessons

  • Before you take a lesson, we request you to transfer lesson fees.
    You can choose 5 lessons or 10 lessons. 5 lessons cost 15,000yen and 10 lessons cost 25,000yen.
    One lesson is for 60 minutes.

Entry form

  • ※Red mark=Required
  • ※address(area/city)=example:Tokyo Minato-ku
  • ※Ater you register, if you want to withdraw from us, please give us a contact by

What you want to learn
What you want to learn(detail)
What is your request about Japanese teacher
Japanese level
Do you like to take a level check interview?
Email address(nonpublicity)*
Terms of use*

terms of use

  • Our service is to support each entry person find a Japanese teacher and language exchange partner(learning partner).

  • We(Learning Catchball) do not check each entry person's ID and do not take any responsibility for any troubles between you and your teacher/language exchange partner(learning partner).

  • We(Learning Catchball) can not be responsible for the truth of each entry information and the quality of each entry person's character(personality).

  • In case we(Learning Catchball) find your entry information is MLM business or false or illegal, we delete your entry.

  • In case you cause damage on learning-catchball,we(Learning Catchball) do demand payment to you.

  • In case you want to delete your entry information or withdraw from learning-catchball, please contact us soon.

  • We(Learning Catchball) revise these terms of use whenever we need.

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